Hollywood Branding: Let the Red Carpet Begin!

Hollywood SignPerhaps the most powerful branding machine invented in the 20th century, it was well known that a Hollywood personality could launch products, since Max Factor put a red lipstick onto a famous face.  The Hollywood Branding Machine is still powerful as a launch machine, but the danger for a brand is to be over exposed and trampled by it.  Managing the monster is the key to success and keeping the momentum critical to gaining the best results.  The media machine has exploded and the platforms for Hollywood personalities to advocate or drive product support or create testimonials is a key marketing strategy for any beauty product, shoe or bag that wants to make a splash in the crowded world of fashion and beauty.  Celebrity launches, work, like it or not but how are they most effective?

What is the branding story? The marketing gurus like to use fancy words for this connection between a product, a celebrity endorsement and the media platforms that spread the word about it.  We’ll just call it a good idea, and proven to be effective in your marketing bag of tricks.  Celebrity endorsements are powerful, effective, wide reaching, and can launch a product in phase one that is effective if handled correctly with a number of aspects that must be followed up by phase two:  Distribution to points of sale and the support of your digital personality.  Who are you, really? This question needs to be asked and answered on your own personalized digital platforms like your website, Facebook page, tumblr, or other channels, use of Instragram and etc. etc. that unfolds as you roll out your phase two after the celebrity launch phase.  Whether we like it or not, the Celebrity roll out is short lived, and there has to be a follow up strategy to step into the time gap that happens after the last red carpet has been rolled up and the Papparazzi head on home for the next big thing that will be on the horizon.  The audiences are fickle and they like to be moving on to the next big thing so be prepared. A smart product launch using celebrity platforms has several phases and each one brings the product or service closer to the people, and, ultimately the real users of the product will step in once the flashbulbs go out and the red carpet is rolled up.  After the party is over, the real work, begins.

An impressionist painting is alot like Celebrity branding:  It looks simple on the outside, but the complexities of color, shape, color and relationships is much more complex then meets the eye. This is how to best describe a media plan and strategy for your product launch that keeps on giving.




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