A “Grand Dame” reinvents herself: The Hotel Crillon


With the impending auction in April, for all of the lovely furnishings, fixtures and foibles from the HOTEL CRILLON, the hotel is preparing to do a massive renovation and join the RITZ in Paris who is also currently undergoing its own ‘brand refreshment’.  These two hotels, classics in their own time, have something in common:   A branding platform that is classical luxury with a tradition of authenticity that is second to none. Both considered “Grand Palaces” by French standards, and those standards are well, the top. But the landscape of luxury is changing, and so is the audience, so these two hotels had to either “refresh or die” their entire approach to how they look, feel, service and engage with the audiences of today.  We introduce our series of how “old brands” become new again and invite you to join us as we go on this exclusive journey with the HOTEL CRILLON and share with you how they will achieve this stunning revision of their almost 300 years of existence.

You are invited to this exclusive journey…..




we took pause and thought for a moment; is it possible for an old building and old brand, to refresh itself?  

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