Celebrity Endorsements: Truth or Dare?

When is it feasible to unleash “the Celebrity?”  The overpopulation of celebrities that are springing up from every corner of the media-sphere makes it a difficult path to walk when you are in this category.  When the message that supports “a brand” story is greater than its parts; is beyond the celebrity itself, is usually the winning strategy.  A narrative that is authentic to a celebrity, in support of a cause they can sign up for is always a win win for everyone.

The awards season is upon us and there will be a rash of red carpets in Hollywood,  many (thankfully) are supporting causes and raising money for a charity.  When the event is well done, with brands that are integrated in a meaningful manner it can be very powerful both visually and via the message.

Celebrities have become brands and this can harm their ability to move freely in many ways. The danger of becoming a celebrity brand is just like any other brand:  too much of a good thing can destroy the integrity of its perception.  So, while the brand must be truthful, it can also be a “dare” when you are aligning the brand with products or services.  Indeed, even film roles are like brands and stories that can be “truthful” and “Daring” as someone like Mathew McConaughey can tell you.  Until he threw off the shackles of the romantic leading man and showed the world what he was made of there might not have been an Oscar waiting for him at the end of it.  He realized that he had “branded” himself in certain roles and that by “disappearing” for a few years (doing a huge re-think) he could in effect re-brand himself. I

ts an effective strategy that works for all well known brands to reinvent their perception story. When we create event platforms we are looking for the story and the support of brands to bring that story to life.


*note:  Charity is always a key strategy for the GBK events/suites pictured here,  with permission of celebrities to use their names an likeness in support of charity fundraising,

IMG_A (702)– Golden Globes 2011

Mr. Big...and HAYARI
Mr. Big…and HAYARI

Shailene Woodley, "The Descendents" and HAYARI PERFUME