The BIggest Branding Platform in the World: The Red Carpet

With the launch of Golden Globes Sunday, the Hollywood Awards Season begins!   From the “hilarious” red carpet gaffes to jokes about wardrobe malfunctions to product displays in the ‘mani-cam’  mixed with overly effusive thank you’s, the  Hollywood Awards season has become the largest promotional platform in the world.  The focus on fashion and style for the Hollywood celebrity is always intense, but the awards season red carpet is perhaps one of the most critical pieces in the puzzle of building a personal brand.  Everyone can learn something about building a personal brand by watching the awards red carpet where outfits, style or lack of it, tells all. It might seem like its a ‘fairy tale’  but the key elements of a personal brand are a defining element not only in the lives of performers but for businesses, business owners and anyone who wants to create and stay memorable for their business.

Our continuous coverage of the branding aspects of the red carpet will focus on these aspects and we’ll share some tips for you and your business on how you can leverage the “best and worst” of the red carpet during this awards season.