Back to the Beach: Silicon Beach Kicks Off the New Year at the Vic!

Tech Ventures in So Cal Start their Engines for a Great Kick-Off to the New Year! 

Let the parties begin! Tonight on Main street at the Victorian where the “Pay it Forward” lab hosted a huge mash up of tech geniuses, VC’s, creators, followers, inventors and developers and many more multiple-hat wearing entrepreneurs.  (The ‘Atelier’ did our best to experience all the offerings) from the VC appointment to the PIF Wall, to music (*our own RICK HACK played up a storm with his fellow band members) and some great conversations with a ton of great people and Mentors, too.  In case you are not aware, the Southern California area (especially in Santa Monica) are playing host to a number of technology companies. Mayor Eric Garcetti is a great supporter of the rapid growth in this sector that has already hit a high mark in adding jobs to the region. The new influx of jobs are a singular engine for the growth of Southern California region. 2015 promises to be a great year as we shake off the economic doldrums and get poised for growth in the next five years.

The importance of this new economy can’t be measured in just dollars, but the energy factor and the creativity of many entrepreneurs in the room made for a great environment.   A variety of experience levels and skill sets made the crowd both informative, exciting and also many of the guests even go back to the great days in the 1990s when the VIC was the center of the first tech bubble (Ahhh, those were the golden hazy days when everyone was just discovering the brave new world)!  I was especially impressed by how well turned out the crowd was!  No sloppy casual office gear here, the guys looked well pressed and the girls also looked very professional, too.  So, the myth that the Southern California tech community is filled with surf bums and slackers is simply that, rumor.  Sure, the weather is great, and you may be lucky enough to get an office with an ocean view, but don’t let that fool you.  Oceans of VC capital are flowing into the region making it one of the fastest growing new tech corridors in the country.  The community in the Santa Monica area has a history of support, interchange of ideas and also the senior members have not forgotten what its like to be at the starting gate.

Thanks to the Vic and all the PIF team for a great event, and see you next time!

Rick Hack Appears courtesy of Red Queen Music Publishing

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