Style Haul: What a Great Way to Roll!


When is it possible to be a creator, a salesperson, and marketing genius at the tender age of 14?  When you’re a “STYLE HAUL” creator.  This media platform is a place where the inner shopper in you can be shared and brands can join in on the fun.  Your audiences become your fans, and your vendors become your clients.  Genius and double genius.  Revenues? Well, the sky is the limit for your pre-teen or anyone who can build a devoted audience of fans.  Style, beauty, shopping, and lifestyles and more are topics that take up the eyeballs of the hottest platform in this space.  All of this and more, for the young marketers who are taking over the airwaves and re-making the way the advertising business works.   The founder,  Stephanie Horbaczewski is the brainchild behind the site, and with her previous experience in marketing for SAKS, she was poised to take on this space in a whole new way. The StyleHaul network on YouTube has more than 175 million network subscribers,  more than 60 million monthly unique visitors and 4600 channels, across 62 countries, making the company the largest within these categories. Brands and a new ways to shop and view video is just the beginning.  The Channel will be producing its own content with web series to serve this established worldwide audience.  Blurring the lines between media,  advertising and entertainment into a whole new world of ADVERTAINMENT.

About the Founder: Stephanie was named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in 2013 and has been featured in leading publications like: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and TheWall Street Journal.