Wonderment in the World of Too Many Things: Capture It!

Today,  I saw a baby stare up at the sky and the clouds.  It was amazing to watch as the baby took in the infinite sky above. It was nothing short of wonderment, curiosity and intensity.  When I think of how to capture people’s attention with a brand story, campaign or event, I try to look at my inner child first where things are uncritical, unadulterated and free from judgement.

What would make me wonder or gasp with delight upon discovery?  That’s the first question to ask about creating a brand strategy, story, or naming a company if you are creating one. The world is a very big place and I believe in simplicity.  We already know in the advertising world that there are simply too many choices out there.  But what does a baby know?










Define what it is about your brand that makes it magical.  What sort of aspects of your brand story is not only a surprise, but makes your brand a “wonderment” in a world that is crowded with too many stories and noise already? A brand is more than a “WHO WE ARE” page on your website.  

A truly successful brand is clear, authentic, says what it means and there is something “Wonder-ful” about it that makes it stand out in a world of TOO MANY THINGS. 

So…for the sake of argument, here are a few baby photos for you to ponder…..







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