Love Lock Your Brand

Chanel Recently shot an image of a model on the “Love Lock Bridge in Paris.  For those of you who have not yet seen this bridge, the tradition dictates that lovers find a padlock and key and “lock their love” on the metal grate of  the bridge. It’s a fun piece of local French culture.

 This is significant to the marketing and advertising of luxury products for a few reasons: 

  • Local Culture
  • Visually Powerful 
  • Meaningful story
  • Destination 
  • Aspirational 

Could all that be in this simple image alone? When you tie your brand with a story that has a resonance you are inviting people to engage on many levels. They respond in ways they do not quite understand but it’s all good. 

Now that’s a real “Love-Lock” with your brand name and story that people can believe in.  You have touched them and inspired them to want what you have to offer.

Chanel is taking a real live experience, a visual image that has meaning and is also very arresting to look at.  The theme is “Love” so what could be better?