Designer Kitty: Animal Brands

When Karl Lagerfeld took a photo of his cat and it became public, the world went mad with curiousity.  Who was this pampered pet?  What sort of life does a designer kitty lead? We can only imagine the luxury pillow, the gourmet treats and designer kitty toys.  The continued inspiration that Karl Lagerfeld receives from his new muse is very entertaining, but what is really happening here?

Brands are like buildings:  You build them brick by brick and as you add the doors or windows, landscaping, front lawn and fencing your brand nears completion and is ready for the open house and final sale.    The Karl Lagerfeld brand has gone from a Chanel centered focus to his own brand; then suddenly, a small white cat entered the scene.  Kaboom! Branding magic!

The softer side of Karl suddenly appeared and it was irrestible!  Mascots have always been a branding favorite from  the  “Jaguar”,  to “Tony the Tiger” and “”Morris the Cat” .  Karl’s new pet is not only a mascot and new celebrity personality, she also serves as inspiration for his many products.  Karl’s Left Bank boutique features merchandise that is inspired by his new feline spokesperson.  Whiskered fingerlss gloves, hats, tote bags and more let you enjoy the fun of owning a Choupette “Chanel” item.  The cat, has now become more famous than his owner.   W. C.  Fields said that dogs and children were always guilty of scene stealing.   Mr. Lagerfeld has reason to be a bit nervous; from where were we stand, the cat is far  more interesting than him sometimes.

Like all marketing geniuses, Mr. Lagerfeld has realized that his adoration for his new muse is all inclusive and accessible to everyone.  Choupette is an adored pet that has joined Mr. Lagerfeld as an impirtant muse for his creativity.