Paris Photo: New ways to Understand Images

At Paris Photo this year, my yearly exploration of the photographic image gets a fresh new perspective.  Now that everyone with an iPhone can shoot images using filters and be a “genius”;  its important for an artist to express his or her vision in entirely new ways with a variety of contextual references, subjects, techniques or technology.  A Photograph used to simply be ‘images’  in frames but now they are objects of value in themselves. This has changed the world of photography for collectors.

Photographers are exploring new ways to challenge  our ideas of a photography  and how we  engage with their work. From Videos, to wall art to glass images transferred to paper, the photographic process has come together in a show that also brings galleries and their experts together, too. Many are on hand to share what the artists are trying to achieve. Also, some artists were there to share their work as well and this made the experience very personal.  Artists often don’t want to share about their work so this was a refreshing surprise. 

Here are some of my favorites that inspired a new look at images which are made from glass transfers, traditional  photo prints, color copiers and more unique techniques.  

Special thanks to the Southern California Luxury Marketing  Council who sponsored the private tour and VIP lounge and the members who shared this experience with me. (

Galleries Shown Here: Garry Fabian Miller, Jenkins Johnson, Charles James, Niklaus Ruzicska,