Your Brand is a Real Story: Discover Yours!


Just Like a new baby, a brand can be full of surprises and have a life of its own.  What I suggest for everyone who wants to name their business is to begin with a simple idea:  Who am I?  Why am I?  This may seem like a simple question, but it reveals a set of values, philosophies and purposes that are important to your business.  Are you taking over a business? What was the original idea and how can you improve on it? How will you tell your story on a consistent and regular basis?

Let’s say that your inner “authentic personality” is really a world traveler, or a secret golf nut, or perhaps someone who enjoys food and wine. There are aspects in each of these pursuits that bring out the best in you and can be tapped to create your personal and business brand. Maybe you are actually selling wine, but you love to travel to find the best wines out there.  Why not focus on this aspect?  Are you a Traveling Wine Merchant? Perhaps you focus on wines from a particular area that is your favorite place to travel.  Here, your story begins and you can become more than just  a Trader Joe’s.

I was once called into to review a luxury hotel property that consisted of a collection of private villas.  There I stood in the parking lot, looking at the real estate developers concept of Tuscany and the Italian Riviera.  When I asked the owner why the business was not using any Italian words or inspired by Italy, he looked completely surprised.  The entire business had literally ignored what was right in front of them. In short order, the property became upgraded with an Italian Luxury concept matching the Italian architecture and interiors that had inspired the original builder. A full brand review of each Villa, the website, and descriptions  evoked an Italian style and flair.  Partnerships with local business including an Italian restaurant was set up and the entire brand of the business and bookings improved by 95%.  What the owner had realized, was that the business had a story, a DNA that needed to be highlighted to make the business improve and prosper. Sometimes it takes a branding coach to see the hidden jewels in your business. Your business is your “baby” so don’t forget to listen, hear and nurture it so it can grow up to be a successful bigger business.

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