Paying it Forward Pays you Back: Cause Marketing for Good

Companies and brands have always known that a charity event is good busness , even of they just do it once per year and ask employees to volunteer.  The HR department usually has one coordinator who rallies the troops to support the latest company cause or charity event and employees are basically nudged into giving or participating.  The upper echelons of a company usually get to attend the fancy benefit gala and the causes aregenerally  set by the Board of Directors. This sort of “Top Down” charitable model has been in practive for decades.  While it is admirable, it does not really utilize the powerful opportunities to give back that are now available to both large or small companies that uses the extensive channels and cross marketing opportunities available. 

There are now so many ways of improving on the model that it is valuable for a company or small business to take a closer look at how they can better integrate charitable causes into ther company DNA.  Google and Facebook took a leadership role in this area by making volunteerism part of the company culture.  The idea of  “Paying it Forward”  as a value system in a company culture is as powerful as the gift of giving itself.  For your brand,  an alignment with a charitable cause gives back to a company in a number of important ways. For your company culture and value system there are ways to integrate giving back that tells your customers you are about more than just the bottom line. Here are some examples of companies who focus on  giving back as a priority in a wide range of ways:

  • One Hope Wines: The products are tied to Charitable Causes via profits.
  • Calypso St. Barths: Products , In-store events support local charity.
  • Google: Google Foundation designates funds to local programs.
  • charity platform to facilitate Charity fundraising
  • LVMH: A museum built in Paris that gives back to the community.

What is important is how each company engages both its customers and employees in the process that has a multi-layered benefit.  Forbes magazine noted that “cause-centric commerce ”  is one of the fastest growng areas of new growth and success of new businesses in the US today.  Research has shown that the new generation of consumers is making buying decisions based on corporate responsibility.  Take a look at where you can integrate a cause, a charity or marketing program into your overall strategy.  The benefits of a something as simple as a product purchase, volunteer day or charitable support program will give back to your business in numerous ways  ” a triple-win” for all.  

For more information on how to create brand engagements for charitable causes: 

Full disclosure
:  Artifice Atelier is an ambassador for One Hope Wines (