How to Write the Perfect Blog Post in 5 EZ Steps:  Part 1

Summertime is the time for travel, new explorations and the time to finally launch your own blog! 

The world of blogs have changed from when I started writing in my Right Bank Paris Apartment in 2010 when the Google Blogger platform was just launching.  What I learned then,  still works today eventhough the technology has improved and the social sharing has expanded 100 times.  A blog post should come from a real and inspired place so that people can really connect with you both personally or via a product you endorse. You should talk about the things you love and pass on the goodness to your readers.  

Here are my tips to create a solid blog post that will improve your traffic as well as your company website and overall brand voice.  As a creative I won’t get into the back end  or analytics here.  I will share how you find your inspiration and voice for your content that is key to your success.

  • Inspiration Sources:  an image, a concept, an opinion, a rant or even a product or service.  Where is your inspiration from? Your audience is your guide.
  • Blog Structure:  Every story has a beginning, middle and end.  Your blog post should also have a structure that is not more than 500 words.
  • Headline: Create a catchy headline that is actually Twitter-worthy! You can write this at the end to highlight what is in the body content. Slogans, Call to Action or a catchy quote attracts readers.
  • Images: Marketing research has shown that everyone loves to read a short message with pictures! Make sure yours are impactful, free from licensing complexities and sell your main idea. 
  • Useful Tips and Tricks: a great blog post informs readers about a subject they want to learn about.  Using humor and a common language that is not filled with terminology  keeps readers engaged or informed about your subject. 

Remember, social media is a community so a blog post should never be inappropriate or used for purposes that might hurt others.  Of course, please be sure your post is typo-free and it can be socially shared to your various channels. If you are creating advertorial, be sure the product or service links or trackbacks are in the article to service your brands or clients.  

If you are creating for your own brand, you are building a powerful voice that is a brand builder and works across many channels to power up your integrated marketing programs. 

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