Invention is the Mother of a Brand: Old School Values Improve New School Ideas

I am going to sing the praises of invention; the creation of anything with traditional values of goodness, quality, beauty or craftsmanship that is built into a new invention of a product, or service. 

It could be luxurious, simple, timeless, efficient, or just a ‘darn good idea’, but chances are, it will be something that is based on an old fashioned idea rooted in the human experience.

“What is so good about the old school stuff, anyway?” said one of the audience members at a recent tech conference I attended. For those of you out there who don’t really remember things like a “record player”  a “dial up phone” or heaven forbid a “date” with that “cute guy in the front row of class”  who asked you out without a phone app to help him, as if you were the only girl on the planet.

But, I digress.

With a mixture of  New-Tech”  and “Old School” to connect humans on a more personal scale, a product or service should breakthrough the ceiling of the usual way of doing things; bringing together community, touching on personal needs or helping people do something in a whole new way without “product speak” or  “tech” jargon to get in the way.  Tell your brand story as if you are sharing around the campfire.  It can be rough around the edges, or soft inside with a chewy center.

Believe in the heart of your audiences, their hopes, aspirations or goals and you will be heard above the noise.