How to Create a Memorable Brand: Cult, Legend or Iconic

imageimageWhat Makes a Legend or Creates Icon Status?   How did a simple black dress achieve cult status, or a printed scarf from Paris, or a little jacket with gold buttons and woven trim?

What makes a legend, is the story.  Passion,  creativity and even a bit of drama.

Who creates the legend?  A persona, a character, or a personality.  Just add the drama and stir.

What is it about a particular piece that makes it so unique?  Craftsmanship or its quality combined with the materials can make for pure luxury as an object, as art or as an experience.  A quirky piece that can achieve cult status, has its own atmosphere.  Cult Status, is the first step in becoming an icon, then if you are lucky, you can become a legend.  The order goes a bit something like this:

  • Cult Status  – Viral Social Media
  • Legendary Status – Traditional Media
  • Iconic Status-Word of Mouth &  All Media

A curated combination of  social media, advertising, word of mouth, celebrity endorsements, cult status and good old fashioned fame.  A heady cocktail of almost imperceptible qualities take your brand creation into the stratosphere.  Perfect words.  Ideal images that match the vision for the brand to capture the audience.

Are you committed to the journey? If you are, then your brand can achieve its own cult status and if you are lucky,  it might become legendary.