Call Me: The Last Days of an Art Form

The “Art of Conversation” is a luxury.  Lately, all of us can just barely manage to scribble a few characters in a text  that resemble cave scratchings.  Surveys show “a phone call” at the end of the list for people’s activities on their phones. I view a text as the “pre-quel” to a real conversation that I will have later with someone.  But this new social experience has already had far-reaching consequences for our human experience both personally and professionally.

It is somewhat alarming to realize that a text is now the “norm” and is being used to date, Make-up, Break-up and even for marriage proposals. Could that be why we watch a bachelor propose marriage ‘in person’ on a fantasy TV show complete with a rose and a ring? Have “real time” human communications become the stuff of reality TV? Let’s hope not.

In a recent Luxury Society survey, brand stakeholders view “one on one” interpersonal service as their highest priority for HNW clients (“High Net Worth”) so we know that the conversation is not dead; just translated into a number of platforms that require a different approach: Cross Chanel Marketing (for those of you who want the actual term) has become the “art and soul” of how to communicate your brand story to your clients on a mass scale. You will achieve a wider audience who aspires to be given the future “privilege of a conversation” with your product or service on a more personal level such as (retail, events, experiences) and other creative platforms.  For you or your customers, the ultimate connection and sign of luxury service will be ‘the personal phone call’ and private invitation. Yes, the old fashioned “outreach ” will emerge as the best way to reach your clients.

The personal service or “Concierge” service has become the “add-on” solution to a solid digital strategy for a brand. The next wave of high net worth customers are millennials. Their desire for a greater human connection with real-time brand experiences and connection to a ‘greater good’ are already evident in our research and this will greatly effect the new wave of communications on the horizon.

It may be that inspite of the love affair we have with a digital world, the “millennials” will remind us that the value of human communications is the real answer to bringing back the “Art of Communication” and this can only be positive step for business and personal interactions.  Civilization, as we know it will not be lost.