Are You Ready for your Close-Up? Beauty Content Hits an All Time High

The girl rush of content creators in the beauty industry has taken the castle by storm. All the largest beauty companies in the world are currently run by men.  I can imagine they are in their offices observing the latest Instagram Star or Beauty Start-Up with bemusement.  Gentlemen, start your engines because the girl power harnessed in the social media landscape has reached epic proportions in this space and the sky, is the limit.  I don’t just mean the power of influence, I mean the importance and power of pop-culture awareness that is instinctive to their knowing all about the  consumer;  Who she is, what she wants, whom she admires. The breaking up of the typical consumer distribution points into something entirely new is where the industry will go.

The millennial entrepreneur will be there to meet this surge of demand while the other cosmetic companies stand by and miss the beauty train.  This has already happened along the way with companies like “Style Haul” where beauty content and fashion video content creators have a home to reach this audience that a television network can only dream about. There was no mistaking the recent valuation and multi-million venture capital deal recently. The video and mobile platforms are getting married and the beauty business is a front row guest at this wedding.  We can’t wait for the party to begin. The power to communicate about brands and the unique frebrands themselves is going to benefit the consumer and meet the demand of the “next”  audience of millennial shoppers.

Editor’s Note:  We will be sponsoring the Beauty Content Creators So Gal’s event this Sunday April 17th at USC.  Our partners Saks Beauty, Space NK, Hayari Parfums will join us as Beauty partners.

  1. SoGals, a women’s entrepreneur group will be hosting an event this Sunday at USC featuring content creators in the beauty industry.  For further information and to attend:  (check event section) to get your ticket.