No Words Can Describe it: Pinterest Love

What do I love about Pinterest? Let me count the ways! As a social media channel that has grown in popularity the world over the power of a picture to tell a story is highly addicting.

So, let’s review why you need Pinterest to run your life and your creative inspirations. 

  • Doing your Wedding? Event, Dinner, Reunion?  Can’t put it into words?
  • Renovating your house and can’t explain things to the contractors, designers, landscapers?
  • Saving images of family photo albums and want to share them around the world?
  • Making a record of your attic possessions for an inventory?
  • Selling your Home? Vacation Cottage, or Pied A Terre?
  • Putting together your recipes, favorite dishes and desserts for a family reunion?
  • Planning to invite the neighbors over for a pot-luck and want to share the the theme?
  • Designing your interiors and want to share inspirations with your interior contractors and designers?
  • Feel Like updating your closet and just don’t know where to start?
  • Indulging in fantasies about Hollywood stars, gorgeous guys, beautiful dames?
  • Photos of your favorite places, vacations, travel destinations, to inspire your next vacation.
  • Needlework, crafts, DIY ?
  • Food, Wine, Cuisine….let me count the recipes.

PINTEREST brings you both the fun of the process and that very friendly community , too!

The “Pinners” are a jolly bunch and they love to share things with each other which is the community experience you receive with this social media platform. Pictures, are the mirror to the soul, tellers of many stories and worth a thousand words.  In the world where we are bombarded with media on a daily basis, the world of PINTEREST gives people the relaxing and satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Editor’s Note:  So, Enjoy and if you want to see our accomplishments, visit ARTIFICE ATELIER on PINTEREST and see!