Does Your Brand have Soul? Summer Solstice Brand-A-Thon

We talk alot about Brands and their stories: its critical for the audience to come along for the ride with your brand story and how you tell it.  But what about the really deep connections that all brands strive for that make or break their business?  I submit that the “soul” or the inner values or “zeitgeist” of your brand is what gets people to come back over and over again. Sure, a shiny new exterior with all the bells and whistles is great, but really, there is more; so much more. A brand is the sum of its parts which every MBA student knows by heart but there is a critical aspect of a great brand that is greater than the sum of its parts: its soul.

What is soul? Is it the intangible almost “untouchable” aspects of a brand that people connect to? “All this and more” would be our answer and for a small business or a large corporation this aspect is what gives a brand its “unexplainable” quality that defines it.  We humans are “soul driven” in many ways but mostly not in a good way; too many things get in our way of keeping things elegantly simple; breathaking integrity; honoring promises; remembering your customer; believing in your product or service no matter what; protecting the brand like a newborn child. All this, and more lead a brand to the idea of having a “soul” and a “sense of meaning” that gives people a chance to really connect with it.

We plan to share our favorite places, things and people who have proven to be the “soul of existence” in connection to their brands and the human element that is so much a part of their power.