Collaborations:  Fresh Eyes to Lifestyle Luxury Brands for Fall  2016

Getting ready for fall in both the world of beauty, fragrance and fashion/lifestyle means that you will experience many collaborations. In the world of lifestyle marketing, this means that someone who knows something unique, or creates something unique, can get together with resources to create a partnership. This enables both parties to benefit and prosper from the wealth of information and expertise.  Some partnerships catch fire from a business standpoint, but never get out of the gate with the consumer.  Perhaps some of the most notable partnerships are designers who work with mass market retailers like Target or H&M and this is obvious to the public:  Sally Consumer is allowed to purchase  version of a designer item which has a measure of cachet.  When Lily Pulitzer did a Target line, that literally crashed the Target website which could not handle the demand of shoppers who were waiting to purchase the “Palm Beach”  lifestyle.  This type of marketing can be characterized as a “High/Low” brand partnership that expands exisiting audiences. 

Partnerships in the luxury industry are somewhat different: When Hermes got together with Apple for the watch the leather bands created by HERMES were a perfect match for the iwatch.  Two types of luxury brands, getting together to capture the newly techno-savvy crowd.  Cars, vacations, hotels, and many other luxury brands are getting together to create a new twist on their product offerings, reaching a new audience  and most importantly, sharing brand stories.  What we can expect is that not all of this is “branding gold” as some partnerships, like some marriages, hit the rocks.  

Here is a list of some of Fall’s new partnerships, curated creations and product offerings that benefit from this unique way of marketing we found this fall.  

  • Iris Appel and INC. fashion’s at Macys.  Nothing short of genius for the Style Craved. 
  • Sarah Burton (Alexander MQueen’s former assistant) collaborates on a fragrance for the House of Alexander MQUEEN in an exotic floral “night blend”. 
  • Kenzo Fragrance Debut features muse “Margaret Qualley” who will dance her way into every video and presents her impressions to lift the scent. 
  • Sandra Choi English Countryside penchant for Flowers’s enliven’s the new Jimmy Choo collections with flowers, sprays and blooms. 
  • Christine Nagel and Hermes Create the new parfum, “Galob” De Hermes inspired by the traditions of the house with a new fresh eye. 
  • Beautycounter, an organic beauty line will debut at TARGET taking a boutique line to the masses, always a unique partnership. 

We hope you will experiment, try and explore these beauty, fragrance and fashion collaborations this Fall! 

The Editor

Next Chapter on Unique Collaborations:   Media, Artists, filmmakers, Illustrators and their powerful influence on marketing to the lifestyle luxury audience. 


  1. Maryanne Maina

    It is interesting to see what collaborations are coming up soon while anticipating how they will work out.

    It would be great to also read about luxury partnerships/collaborations between bloggers and brands.

    Maryanne M.

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