Cartier Holiday: Its all Wrapped Up!

My favorite landmark in New York as a devoted Francophile is the CARTIER building that each holiday season wraps up the building with a large red ribbon on its exterior reminding us that the ultimate gifts, were within.  After a 2.5 year renovation the building will be more elegant than ever.  A building next store in this seamless expansion will offer additional retail space that will showcase gifts, small delights and yes, things wrapped in that red ribbon and glorious leather box.

What is always extraordinary about CARTIER from a branding standpoint, is they are always authentic, solid, true to their message of luxury and history.  These two features alone make the Cartier brand one of the world’s top contenders for consistency of message the lifeblood of a luxury brand.  Watch how CARTIER launches its new store and offerings for the holiday season along with this historic new look and take note.