Welcome to Minimalism: A Movement Sweeping the Nation

Imagine my surprise, when the a documentary entitled:  “The Minimalists” popped up on my Netflix list of options.  Who me? A luxury girl who hasn’t met a fur coat or diamond bracelet I don’t adore? Or, a cake covered with layers of frosting and coconut topping? A veteran shopper who trolls the REAL REAL boutique daily? Minimalist? Nah…this was a mistake for sure. As a member of the last gasp of the baby-boomer generation (you know, those people who literally invented the idea of consumerism) but a more finally tuned boho-artistic type —I was intrigued by this notion.

What did the title mean: Wardrobe and fashion? Home Decor? Food or Recipes?  Lifestyle?  Yes, to all of those and more.

Let’s begin:  Minimalists are a new breed of people who have literally given up on “accumulating” in the typical USA fashion.  So, don’t even think about reading further if you are on a pathway to massive success as a doctor, attorney, business  genius, or anything else that will assist you in gaining riches, fame, and stuff; lots of stuff.   If your idea of success is a beachouse in Hamptons, a fuel-efficient luxury car, or designer bags stacked in your closet, this film is not for you; or maybe it is.
Minimalists, as portayed in this film, have rejected the mass market idea of wealth, fame, fortune and any idea of accumulation of “things” as a badge of success. What the film shares is these unique young men, all in their early 30s who have rejected their parents notions of success.  They see the “treadmill” and want to re-evaluate what is real in terms of their own success.  This is admirable, as what generation has not rejected the norms and ideals of its former generation?

The truth as portrayed in this film, is something that many artists and creatives have always done: they have lived a full life, with less.  What an artist does, is review and choose what is necessary, to keep their ideals in perspective and live each day, with meaning. The work, is always at the forefront. Artists ask the question, will what I am doing serve  my work?


That is what a ‘Minamalist’ will do.  They ask themselves on a daily basis: do I need this?  Does this choice I am making serve me? Can I live and be happy with less? Does this USA notion of success really have meaning for me? How can I come to terms with what is really meaningful without the overwhelming overload of things? 

I admired the notion of this film, the idea that the next generation of  young men, families and future families might be considering the option of simply, “going minimal” and getting to the core of what life really means.  Its personal and its something that everyone will interpret for themselves.

Its a movement. It will sweep the nation. It will make everyone re-evaluate where they are today. Its an idea whose time has come.

But there are leaders to follow, in case you need someone to connect with: They wrote a book about it. Check it out and feel free to comment.

For further information: http://www.theminimalists.com/ready/