Meet the Guys that are reinventing Classical Music’s Appeal: “Il Volo” 

What happens when young talented Italian tenors reach back in time to revive the classics of great Italian music for a whole new audience? You have Il Volo, a three man powerhouse crew of talented tenors who are honoring the “Three Tenors” repertoire.  They are quickly achieving rock star status (I have just met them in person with a group of lucky fans). The group is very commtited to their classical repertoire (with the help of some heavy hitters in the world of classical music) and the brand of fun they bring to this arena is truly refreshing. They are the ‘boy band’ of classical music and don’t show any signs of stopping now! This is not to say they are not all acomplished musicians, but their technique is not evident in their soulful and hearfelt renditions of many operatic and popular music classics. 

We talk about brands and reinvention at Artifice Atelier on a daily basis so here is a perfect example of how a musical genre can be refreshed, renewed and celebrated. We are new fans and couldn’t be happier to spread the w0rd. 

Be sure to see the dates for the USA 2017 tour at Facebook and Twitter for more information.