Artificial Intelligence: The New Internet is Here

What I know for sure, is that AI is here and already impacting our lives. What exactly is AI and what does it mean for you? Intelligence or “machine learning” takes what we know to be true, the learning process and then automates it for a greater good.

Lets begin with the idea that with out us, the humans, there would be no AI at all. While the technology has advanced enough so that it can begin to ‘teach itself’ which is in our future, the human being interaction and ability to learn tasks to help the world, is something we are all going to need to be comfortable with.  AI is not here to harm us, but to help us.

Now, the larger question is how to educate ourselves, arm ourselves with knowledge of how to manage it and also to come to a happy medium as to what the purpose and overall goals of AI really are. This will ultimately guide us going forward into the future so that we are not subjected to the dangers, the lack of moral purpose that some AI can visit upon a society.  I am positive now, but I do see a future that could be littered with the bodies of good intention. A future that could be complex and leaving many societies behind and entire worlds that will simply not be included.

Here is where the unique story might begin and this year I am going to explore what it means for your daily life, your business and how you can come to terms with the entire idea already changing the world.

One of my original intentions with this magazine was to explore where art, culture, human experience and technology meet and I started this in 2011 never knowing from there almost a decade later that my idea of art and technology which were quickly morphing into the same thing, would be the topic that it is today.

Editor’s Note: AI information from the Los Angeles organization, AILA seminar.

Photo Credit: Photo taken by ARTIFICE in the garden of the City of Bordeaux Museum, France. A unique walkway of poster art emphasizing both man’s creativity and size and scale of it.