Brand Refresh: Take a Moment To Breath

There was no way to predict this.  But here we are.   A huge economic and medical event that will force the US economy to re-think and re-group.   What can you do as a small business owner to shift your focus?   The main issue is your brand story.  What is the purpose of your company?  What or who do you service?   Are you in a place you can recover or re-think HOW you will recover?  This is critical, as staying at home wears thin after the initial ‘week of Wahoos’.   Here is our short list of what you can do while you are at home to jumpstart and re-think your brand. 

  • Are you communicating with your employees?
  • Did you offer any support or can you offer something?
  • Is your brand story one of “You’re Fired” or “Stay With Us” or “We Value You”
  • Are you actively reaching out to customers by email or telephone?
  • Did you take stock of what digital channels you can improve while at home?

Marc Cuban, ace Shark investor has said in many interviews, that the idea of business is no longer “us vs. them” it is more of a message that “we are all in this together” and with this message our recovery will go alot better.  As a small business owner, your chance to: Renew, Refresh and Renew your brand will be critical to how you re-enter the market both as an employer, creator service business.

Watch this Page as we go through each step to show you how to use simple methods, easy to understand ideas of how to update your story, refresh your marketing and visuals to enter this new age of our world.


 Editor’s Note:  India Hicks, a successful personal brand never faltered in her presentation of products and lifestyle that were related to her own experiences.,99E6C3EC-D5DE-4504-B502-F23F47A15D35