Welcome Back to Your Life.

Review. Refresh. Renew.

How do you plan to enjoy your summer? I know that the simplest things for me are a revelation. Today I am sitting inside a local STARBUCKS, can you imagine? The stuff that used to bug me just stopped bugging me; I was grateful for the many projects I tackled that before seemed too time consuming; I admit here I did not clean out all the closets I wanted to. Some of you added a dog or a cat, a larger TV or like my neighbors, a new baby. That birth was like a miracle; so much joy had been taken out of our lives, but this little human (with any others around the world) managed to make it through. This gave us all some hope. We all collectively can enjoy something that came to us that gave us hope this past year, for that we can thank our friends, family and I continue to thank the lovely people who were on the front line at the grocery store.

Simple, right?

But some of us also lost loved ones; myself included. My nephew, age 36 years, with his whole life ahead of him, didn’t make it. I am not sure he believed he might get sick, but as a front line worker at a local hospital, he certainly did his part to help others. Our family joins others who lost loved ones, didn’t get to say goodbye, or thought that this terrible event couldn’t touch them.

Summer Solstice

This year was a time for a collective REVIEW, REFRESH and RENEW, the buzz words I use with my small business clients who want to take a closer look at their business story or message.

Didn’t we all do that just a bit this past year? I know I did, because life is indeed, a gift. So from here on in, the ARTIFICE ATELIER will continue my passion for communication (and how I can be of help to you if you need it) but now I am adding another element to it; my love of travel. More on this later; for now, I join many others who are happily vaccinated. Of course, if you are not, and have a reason not to, I respect that; but my worries for you and your family come from a real place that is far beyond politics. I don’t want you to have to suffer like so many families have; including mine.

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