Welcome Tablet Hotels

Kaleidoscope Travel has joined with the TABLET FAMILY 

The thing is, you don’t just sleep in a hotel, you live there, for a night or two, at least right? While you’re there you’re not just getting used to a different pillow, but trying on a whole different life — these snazzy ‘of-the-moment’ hotels make you feel  pretty good. The Tablet World of destinations are a mix of city life and country life; beaches, islands, mountains. What a relief you won’t be existing in a world of beige or brown textures. Instead, you’ll be living the life less traveled, a life that inspires a real conversation. You will become someone interesting and your excellent taste will be rewarded by the travel club collection of hotels; TABLET PLUS.

A Travel Club with Real Rewards + Perks

What is Tablet Hotels all about? For 20+ years they have scoured the earth, evaluating hotels that meet every taste and budget. But, they didn’t stop there.  Their hand-picked selection is both proven and inspired. This very painstaking curation led to the Michelin Guide making TABLET the official hotel selection of their legendary MICHELIN Guide famous for its gastronomic and local guides to traveling around Europe.  

Where to Start? 

You can just put a pin in a map with your eyes closed and see where you land.* There are always unique properties in each of our locations that beckon you.

Kaleidoscope Travel Magazine features our WEEKLY TABLET favorites and you can easily book with us just by reaching us via email while we re-launch our website to receive your requests. There is even a on call team that can assist you. Of course, as travel curators, we’ll also build out your itinerary and recommend our favorites for you as well.

Let the Adventure begin

Editors: * Artifice Atelier Agency is now part of Kaleidoskope Media, LLC. Our clients join our Media Portfolio that caters to luxury lifestyles, travel, fashion + hospitality. For inquiries about our social media and content programs please getin touch at: justluxe.usa@gmail.com

*Note to Travelers: Of course not all TABLET destinations are fully open so please consult the US State Department for travel regulations for the country you wish to travel. To reach the Kaleidoskope Travel team: E: hello@kaleidoskopetravel.com