Met Gala: The ultiMate Branding Platform

Nothing changes the trajectory of a celebrity or brand than an invitation to the MET GALA. The joy of dressing up is all over the faces of the professionally glamorous, “instagram stars” and the newly minted famous. With the pandemic at a low ebb in the coastal cities (read: Sorry, fly-over states) this is a triumph on many levels. What any brand needs is a platform to share its story. The theme of “American Fashion” certainly begged the telling of a story, either personal or professional.

the stars are out tonight

We know if things are cloudy or bright: Nothing says, “I am totally tired of fame” than the Queen of it herself, Kim Kardashian. Wearing her face covered, with her body swathed in a dancer’s outfit that could have been a Martha Graham dance number. Picture Just her, with a Bare Stage and One Light. Done. Of course, international red carpet star, Timothy Challamet, didn’t disappoint in one of his lovely suits that make all the girls hearts aflutter. Apparently he put on his sweats, walked 10 blocks and changed on the premises. That’s down to earth, for you.


There were stars who dressed up for the mere amusement of doing so, each displaying their beauty and fame like brands themselves. Some actors simply wanted to tell the world they were together, like BEN + JEN. But in the end, the outrageous, joyful celebration of fashion’s absurdities, flights of fancy, sheer drop-dead glam (read: RIHANNA) who previously showed up in a gown so long it took five people to manage it. I think everyone is over that now. Even some politicos showed up, like AOC and she took the opportunity to make a statement; I should also remind her that without tax-free contributions of a certain level, there would be no museum.

POP Culture is American Culture

Post Pandemic Vibe: Most decided that keeping it simple so they could enjoy the partying, was the best plan. I saw alot of lovely party dresses mixed with the showcasing of celebrity fame. Remember, without the POP, there is little POP culture in America. What the MET GALA can often obscure, is that the institutions who need the funds, simply can’t receive the MET level of funds now. So, while you are enjoyiny the POP and CIRCUMSTANCE remember the METROPOLITAN MUSEM is the countries largest cultural institution. This event funds their many programs. The MET CARPET sets the tone for the season that kicks off with the EMMY’s and ends with the Oscars’. Watch this space.

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