Brands are like Dogs: they need love, Care+ a walk every day.

I am watching with interest (and horror) at companies who are quickly shifting their business messaging to accommodate the ‘new normal’.   In my neighborhood (and probably yours) you are ordering from your favorite pizza place to support your local places. I noticed that some companies are simply moving on as if there was nothing different in the larger world. Catalogues for ‘home lifestyle’ companies are arriving at my door along with fashion catalogues. I used to call them “upscale and aspirational” now they seem to be relics of another time.  I am also receiving emails from some businesses I patronize.  These have largely been on point with messages of comfort or local updates.  But some companies are so silent it’s painful.  I call this the “Ostrich Effect” as they plan to pop up when this is all over.

Head Under the Sand Strategy

Recently I received an email from a travel company (that seemed already too late) and they told me I should take pictures of myself in ‘recycled travel outfits’ to share with everyone.  This sort of advice is confusing and not constructive in these times.   Many families are in the throes of some very serious things, with family and friends.  We have collectively lost so many of those dear to us and the news is not generally good.  Simple things, matter.  Just take a walk outside.  

This past week they were out walking their dogs who trotted along beside them doing doggy things.  The connection between pets and their owners is one of devotion, loyalty and affection.  I realized that brand storytelling needs to shift to a new reality. But that these simple joys are where the truth lies.  

In the next few chapters we will look closer at each of these Dog Caretaker Habits for your brand and how you can renew your messaging in the new world we live in.  

Here is what I have so far:

  • Take your Dog out for a Daily Walk.  Be sure to follows the rules of the Dog Park.
  • Feed Your Dog Nutritious Daily Meals on a specific schedule.  Stick to It.
  • Dog Treats.  Rewards for Good Behavior.  A nice break from regular meals.
  • Grooming Your Dog. A happy dog is a dog without fleas.
  • Regular Check-Ups.  Help when needed from the professionals.
  • Provide a comfortable Dog Bed.  A dog’s home is his castle.
  • Playdates.  Dogs enjoy you and the company of others, but mostly you.
  • Love and Affection.  You can never have too much.  Its good for the community.

Editor’s Note:   I look forward to hearing from dog owners (*of which I am not one) and promise to elaborate in the next installment.

PS.  This material is projected by copyright and can only be reproduced in other media by permission.  Feel free to contact us for that permission.  Thanks.