No one can be all things to All People.  We’re Ok with that. IH_SocialMedia_Gifting_27

Are you a European Luxury Boutique Brand? Starting something unique for the US Markets? Or, are a new USA boutique brand that seeks a European flair or message?

ARTIFICE ATELIER tells your story of your European boutique luxury brand to the US Markets.  We are Curators and Content Creators writing in native English to make sure your story is told correctly to this vast landscape.

As Branding Consultants With a over 15 years of groundwork in a variety of venues including  retail sales, direct sales, fashion styling, design, event production, entertainment media, PR and more, our knowledge of the ultimate “sale” and “Close”  is extensive. 

Copywriters:  Slogans, Ad Copy, Web Copy,  Catch Phrases, Social Media Programs.

Event Platforms:  Brands placed into curated events with unique audiences and community or social responsible outreach.  Traditional Media Partners to Enhance your live events with socially curated components to make your event shine. 

We’re in the Luxe Lounge…and through this portal our online digital luxury programs can enhance your social media platforms  and also create great coverage for your brand.

We Review and write about your brand with editorial coverage for your event or red carpet and can release your news to this dedicated luxury audience.  Our audience is sourced from our media partners in a variety of platforms to increase your visibility.

Ask us about Product Placements and Promotions for this Exclusive Platform that reaches your niche audiences. Our branding clients like to be seen and engage with your audiences.   

For Samples of  Marketing Decks or Travel Reviews, Fashion Coverage or Blog Posts that are dedicated to Luxury Beauty, Travel and Lifestyles, Please contact  e:                        

Editor’s Note:  The Artifice Atelier is a group of Consultants who bring you the best of digital arts,  graphics, advertising, content strategy and  marketing using social media tools for your business.  With combined backgrounds in film, television media, video, social media, art direction, photography/graphics, advertising this group has over 25 years of experience.

Just a few bullet points for those of you who like the bottom line:

  • Online Magazines and Blogs (US and France) Travel, Fashion, Beauty for Advertorial, Beauty Bloggers Team
  • Luxury Branded Events – Media Coverage, Advertising, Sponsorship and Social Media, Charity Platforms.
  • Fashion Commentary, Reviews, Fashion Show Coverage, International (Paris) Domestic (New York)
  • Film and Television –  Content Strategy/Commentary/Script Analysis/Budgets.
  • Video and Interactive Media – Development of Advertorial Content, Reportage, Social Media Platforms.
  • Red Carpet Reporting, Writing, Commentary and Video Social Media to drive engagements.

Note: Our consultants are under contract with our agency and work as team members or through our referrals with a 10% Agency Fee Required for referral bookings. 

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