Wild Kingdom Luxury: Animal Brands

It all started with my obsession with the re-launch of the famous Hotel Belair…here in Los Angeles.  As a member of the world renowned DORCHESTER group, the hotel has a new renovation planned that is designed to discreetly and elegantly update the traditional surroundings in October.  I was especially charmed to read about the most critical feature of the hotel, the three swans, Chloe, Athena, and Hercules. With legions of admirers,they are integral to the experience at the hotel. I am not only thrilled at the prospect of a beautiful “new” hotel property but in fact, I am much more excited about seeing the swans.  If you didn’t already know, they’re a special species that make very little noise which also contributes to their charm. If you’ve ever heard the loud “honk” of a swan, you’ll know what I mean.  Now, let’s get branding:  These little critters are practically the most luxurious of all animals that make the ultimate branding statement. They’re more than just monkeys in the zoo,  they have their own essence that captures the nature of this historic property.  This is of course the entire purpose of the “Luxury Animal”  brand that makes the attributes of the specific animal part of the mystique.  There are many levels at work here:

Here’s a few good things about animals and brands:

  • The choice of your Animal is critical to your Brand Essence: choose wisely
  • The character of personality of the animal brand can be, well, unique to your brand
  • They look, feel, atmosphere, design, and expression of  your animal brand should authentic
  • With a luxury brand, you’re connecting with an aspirational audience so your animal should carry the characteristics that would appeal to your target.
  • Comedy or Tragedy? well, The Geico Gekko is funny.  The Mail Chimp, is a wannabe funny.
  • Animals can be either elegant, or working class: Cartier Leopard, Jaguar Car, or Ford Bronco.

In the world of brands, there’s nothing more fun, more elegant, more entertaining then animals.  If you can make them the centerpiece of your brand strategy  you’ve discovered  “Marketing Gold” that has endless possibilities.

Now that leopard and python have hit the fashion runways for fall, you can participate in your own style of animal branding and take it to the next level:  Be your own ANIMAL BRAND! 

We can’t wait to visit with the Swans, at the Hotel Bel Air, we’ll be sure to report back. 

The Editor