ECO LUXE: We’re livin’ Large…and green!

GREEN, GREEN everywhere in CALIFORNIA but in many places its not an idea that has touched the luxury industry.  This is about to change, in the luxury industry in a more widespread way…not just on the manufacturing level but in marketing, too. GREEN not only reflects the products or services, but is a supply chain or manufacturing issue.  For marketing purposes, we’ll just say that the best way to connect with an audience is to create something your target cares about.  “It’s CHIC to be green” is really on the horizon, and, has been for many years, especially in California, the incubator for the rest of the US markets. When Luxury begins to realize that being GREEN, is not only good business, from a social perspective, but also as a smart marketing platform.  Your audience will want to feel good when they make a luxury purchase.  With the luxury markets in CHINA and other countries growing faster than it can be supplied, the GREEN initiatives are more important than ever as we’re already aware that pollution, labor, and other practices are less than stellar.  Its our hope that the explosion in the luxury business in ASIA will also bring with it an increased interest, and indeed, an imperative to consider green alternatives to reach an increasingly aware public.

The EDITORS:   We recently launched our own GREEN INITIATIVE…in asking our ATELIER Jeweler and DESIGNERS to begin to think green….so stay tuned for more of these new products, services and campaigns with many GREEN opportunities.