Brand Engagement: The Luxury of Experience

The spa at the PLAZA ATHENEE recently opened with a love letter to DIOR. Here we can experience the beauty, services, products and environment in what can be said as nothing less then the  ultimate brand experience.  You can be perfectly DIOR which is not only about services or products but an invitation of time and experience. This is where luxury marketing becomes its most powerful.  Whether its a car, a handbag, or a piece of furniture, a watch, a wine, or any other luxury product, the ideal of “time and space” is expressed in something like a health spa, hotel, or location such as the Ferragamo Villa, in Tuscany.  These luxury brand experiences bring together a series of elements that are “priceless” . They are more than just a mere purchase.  A true “luxury experience” becomes part of your life and  for a brand,  reaches the heights of customer engagement.

When is a luxury experience, also Brand Engagement? 

  • The product or service is part of an environment
  • The environment is both visual and lifestyle oriented
  • The Lifestyle evokes the nature and essence of a brand
  • The Brand and its products, is consistent with its essence
  • The Brand not only provides an experience, it evokes an aspirational one
  • The Client, and the Brand meet, on “Holy Ground” which is “exclusive” and “rare” or “ultimate”
When you begin to think about “Brand Engagement”  you realize that you have been a participant in some of the most
basic ways for most of the last 10  years, when Brand Engagement experiences began to take on new dimensions and depth.
Sure, you could purchase a beautiful car, watch, or home, but “HOW” you made the purchase, and, continued to experience it, is perhaps the most powerful aspect of what luxury marketing needs to do today.   As a small business, you are taking a cue from
how the “big guys” are doing it, and, in the next few articles, we’ll touch on ways you can create your own “million dollar”  brand engagement initiatives that bring your clients the kind of services that they can only dream about.