Luxury Trends: Incognito Experiences





The ideal of luxury purveyors is to bring to their customers not only the latest ideas but also be “spot on” about what they want.  Sort of like the butler who always anticipates your every need.  We know you’ve heard about the rush to luxury by many overseas economies but the truth is that for every designer bag purchased, a more “quiet” sort of luxury experience is being curated.Companies can’t really do this without consulting not only their own history and traditions, but also someone who has the ability to predict cultural trends. Enter the TREND Company.

From the desk of trendspotter, Linda Tichler, the watchword for the future of luxury is going to be that quiet elegance, and a bit of low-light sparkle.  TREND UNION, Ms. Tichler’s company should know.  She’s a cross between a seer, a forecaster and gypsy to some pretty big names in the industry, whether its fashion, lifestyles, drugs, or automobiles.  Tipsters are out  on the streets of the world seeking the trends in a constant stream of new information.   This is gold to a company that doesn’t want to be “left out” of the loop and in this social media mad world, yesterday on a newsfeed is like a century.  So when you review the trends listed below…just  a few jewels in the crown of this unique idealist who has something we often forget:  She really looks at what’s around her, like the eyes of an artist and sociologist, combined.   For more information about the TREND UNION see their website at:

Here are a few of  the key trends that are on the horizon:   To be revealed in December 2011

  • Stay Tuned for December 2011 When the Trends will be revealed and we’ll report them here…..
Until then, you’ll just have to remain in ultimate suspense…and remember to look around you!
The Editors