Are you always wondering what people think of you? Hair bad days got you down? Yes, we can count the ways we have been a bit crazy about our hair, too.  There are many ways you can solve the hair crisis, thanks in part to a myriad of services that will work beautifully for you and save time.  But, we’re not advocating those people here; we’re talking about how to get the right hair, make it powerful for your personal brand that works for you.  Let’s think of a few people who have started their career with their hair, and even though many have gone on to a better hair place, they still live on in our memories as having signature hair. So,  here is an eclectic and eccentric list of stars and well known people:

Jennifer Aniston  (Carefree California Blonde)

Marilyn Monroe/Madonna (living)  (The Bombshell Blonde)

Nicole Kidman (Redhead) 

Kim Kardashian (Broody Brunette) (Temporary Blonde)

Kim Novak (Icey Blonde “Hitchcock Film” Star) Man Killer

Audrey Hepburn (Brunette “Gamine”)

Oprah (Soft Brunette Waves “Queen” of Media Cover Girl)

Brian Grazer (Studio Boss) (Eccentric Artist Type)

Mick Jagger (anti-Beatles)

Brittany Spears (America’s Sweetheart Blonde)

Celebrities are very hair focused, or some would say, “Hair Obsessed”.  I can’t think of a better ‘hair crazy’ moment when Kim Kardashian went from Brunette to Ice Blonde overnight and it drove the world’s social media channels crazy.  But what about the rest of us? We’re just regular folk who are well, always on twitter, Facebook, and other social media and then there is the hair selfie – yeah, those. What I mean to say is that your hair is in fact, you, in many ways, and it shouts out your brand before you say a word about yourself.  It may really be the last frontier of self-expression. So, with that in mind, I suggest that we all take a good look at our hair.  Get serious about the cut, color and the way you project yourself with it, as its more than important; it could mean the next job, promotion and even romance in your future.  So, we may joke about a “Bad Hair” day, but really, its the truth, isn’t it?  What you do with your hair says alot about you, so please, don’t mess it up! 

Stay tuned for some of our better branded hair moments and why we think you can take a cue from the professionals when you are out and about in your life – make it easy, make it real, and please, make it your brand package, too.


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    Sure….its no secret that blondes have more fun, but the redheads I know would kill me! What’s important from a brand standpoint is that your color and style are perfectly timed to match your personal brand. This can work for you, or, against you. I once met a women who dressed like ALVIRA, Mistress of the Dark, who resembles a vampire look, straight off cable TV. When she said she was a financial consultant, I had to laugh, “to whom?” So, you see, unless her audience was the “un-dead” I suggested to her that her look might not work well for her target audience. Audiences relate to the familiar, so no matter what that is, its about connecting with that.

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