The 20th Century: 10 Things that are Still Great

Today I ponder about really great things from the 20th Century that made us human. Perhaps, I’m  a little naive.   I remember some things  from my childhood that are simply too great to give up or perhaps some things have already gone,  but should bring back with new or exciting incarnations.  I leave this to the new generation and hope they will not forget how really great the 20th Century, soon to be a memory, really was.


Here is my list:

One thing I remember about New Years 2000, is that while we were celebrating the new century,  I was already feeling nostalgic.  It’s why  the show  “Madmen” was so successful (aside from great writing,  production values, amd a unique group of stars). No, what we are missing is the sense that  things we can touch, feel and experience  in our daily lives are still important; have not totally gone away.  You may ask, but what?  I touch my iphone all day and can quickly communicate with someone around the world.  Sure, technology is great but what many futurists predicted may have arrived: We have become so easily swayed by a 136 character Twitter concept or Facebook friends post we have forgotten what storytelling is, or what real experiences are like.  I hope the next  generation will look at the past century and create new things that are both human and extraordinary.

  • Drive In Theaters:  A night at the  Drive In did more for sex on a date than any Tinder App could possibly hope to achieve.
  • Record Players:  Vinyl is making a comeback in a new and different way and this is a good thing.
  • Bubble Gum:  The real thing loaded woth Sugar and with the good comics i side the package, not those lame ones that are not funny.
  • Garter Belts:  Not just reserved for Victoria Secret Models, real Mrs. Robinson garters that turned on a while male  generation.
  • Bar Stools:  Designed to keep you in your seat and get you through your whole life story.
  • Real Drugstores: Let me count the ways I am missing Woolworths:  the Lunch counter, the beauty, the candy section, and of course, the magazine rack.
  • Black and White TV:  The news, events and people were important, the journalists researched  the facts about the news and the commercials were longer and more fun.
  • Automobiles:  Though we are much safer today, no one can say a winged silver caddie didn’t have amazing style.  Vintage  porches and Mercedes SLs  were the coolest ride in town.
  •  The High Heeled Pump: This shoe was not invented until the 1950s and without Bombshells like Marilyn Monroe or  later on Ms. Madonna, the spiked heeled pump would not be heading into its 21st century classic status.
  • Barbie Doll: What can we say? Without her own career moves from flight attendant to Doctor, to Rock Star, our possibilities as women would not have been the same.  When we heard she was being phased out, it was clear her job had been accomplished.

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